Plutonic Group Syncs :: You Have Secrets by Tomemitsu

You Have Secrets

☳ you have secrets ☳


Could Tomemitsu be the best-kept secret of Echo Park, LA?  Marten Roark creates disarming minimalist “bedroom pop songs”. We enter this universe by a back door, like a ray of light in the late afternoon, after a dreamy and vaporous nap through the track, ‘You Have Secrets‘.

In other words, his songs are intimate polaroids that we discover almost by chance..

Recorded live, the song stimulates thinking and dreaming. Therefore, allowing you to float and reminisce between loneliness and simultaneous security. Its dreamy blend of multi-layered acoustic guitars and intimately whispered lyrics give diverse nods to punk and ambient sounds.

Musically, ‘You Have Secrets‘ follows a similar blueprint to previous Tomemitsu work. His hushed, half-cracked voice surrounded by a soft haze of guitar and little else. The atmosphere created by his manner and persuasion as much as any instrumental tricks.

The Cave EP was written in a deliberately difficult way to provoke Roark into creating something new and special. ‘Secrets‘ especially explores a certain kind of desolation. Represented with weight and precision by filmmaker Cody Duncum, whose extended metaphor on knowing how and when to leave—especially when the world outside looks so cold—underscores the intimacy and isolation of the song. And of course, the feeling of being alone in a too-big room with your thoughts.

Tomemitsu, a former member of several notable local L.A bands (like So Many Wizards, Trabants and more) but also—and actually primarily—a dedicated solo artist all his own.  His songs root and bloom in the cracks and seams between personal moments.

The Cave EP invites the listener to travel, but above all, in exploration of yourself. Take this intimate, deep and calm journey with Tomemitsu who strings the strings as you caress a face.