Plutonic Group Syncs :: Arstidir - You Just Have To Know of Me

You Just Have To Know Of Me

⌅ You Just Have To Know Of Me ⌅

Árstíðir care about telling emotionally dense stories. And unexpected excursions in sprawling soundscapes like in ‘You Just Have To Know Of Me‘ – a delicately unfolding waltz of peaceful beauty with a feathery light-footedness, balancing on the rift between traditional folk, and serious pop ballad with classical overtones. Aside from the gentle lead male and vocal harmonies, the instrumentation effuses a warm tide of resonant acoustic and baritone guitars, virtuosic piano, and melismatic strings.

Above the musical horizon of Árstíðir, a tender sun shines through the milky morning haze. Cheesy? No way! Simply of heartwarming beauty.

RIYL: Simon & Garfunkel, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young