☵ Young ☵


PAVVLA‘s album, “Creatures” consists of ten pieces of fragile folk, coated with layers of melancholic pop, electronic haze, and skeletal rock.  These elements fade together on the track, ‘Young’, as if in the depths of thick forest; where markedly, a winterlike aesthetic contrasts with the hypnotic warmth of Jornet’s voice that both captivates and excites.

A song of youthful uncertainty formatted as a folk ballad, where digital batteries, synths, and keyboard take flight.

An organic artist, for PAVVLA, inspiration comes more from lyrical influences than synthetic; in that sense, aesthetic taste and melodic construction are more in line with Daughter than electronic offerings. ‘Young’, the opening track of the album, makes proof of this fact.

The powerful sound of ‘Young’, halfway between folk and deep, whispering electronics, slowly builds, as Jornet’s voice and electric guitar blend with punchy hip hop drums and 808’s.

The track explodes with digital shapes and organic essences. The melody itself, cloaked with melancholy, electronic mist, and skeletal rock. The lyrics speak of a walk down memory lane referencing how friends during youthful days can change the way you look at the world today.

Dedicated to PAVVLA’s high school friends, anchored in the past because “the present no longer looks good”. Her original piece lives in memories when she concludes: “we thought we could change the color of the sky when we were young.”

‘Young’, therefore, seems to fit better in the more contemporary tradition of British music; with one foot on pop-inspired folk, and another on the sound rhetoric of subtle electronics.


RIYL: 33 “GOD” by Bon Iver, ‘Youth’ by Daughter, London Grammar