Nik Kershaw

Nik Kershaw (1984)


We are proud to represent Nik Kershaw for sync. These tracks are the originals of several of his hit singles of which Island/Universal controls the masters.

Ah, 1984. The year of Big Brother, newspeak, doublethink, the Thought Police and a world divided into three parts. Also, an unknown singer-songwriter would enter into the music scene which was then dominated by a genre known as new romantics or new age. The so-called second British invasion- pop music driven by keyboards. Nicholas David Kershaw or better known as Eighties heartthrob, Nik Kershaw released his debut album, ‘Human Racing’ in that same year, achieving multi-platinum sales and launching his career worldwide.

Kershaw began his musical career by learning to play guitar when he was a teenager. In 1974, he joined his first band, Half Pint Hogg, which played nothing but Deep Purple covers. Once the group broke up, Kershaw signed to MCA Records with the help of Nine Below Zero’s manager, Micky Modern

He released his first solo single, “I Won’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me,” in 1983; it peaked at number 47 on the U.K. charts. His next single, “Wouldn’t It Be Good,” hit number five in the U.K. and charted at number 46 in the U.S. Its success led to stardom in Britain for Nik Kershaw; “I Won’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me” was re-released in summer of 1984 and charted at number two, leading to a series of hit singles.

It is only in retrospect that we see this album for what it is. A social commentary on human nature in modern times interspersed with a great sense of humour. A gentle reminder not to take ourselves so seriously and at the same time taking a serious look at issues that surrounds us.

His third album, Radio Musicola, released in 1986, wasn’t as successful as his previous albums.

In 1990, after four MCA albums and sales of more than eight million, he left the spotlight to concentrate on songwriting and producing, working with Elton John, Chesney Hawkes, Cliff Richard, Bonnie Tyler, Lulu, Ronan Keating and Gary Barlow, among others.

And while Nik Kershaw’s debut might not be considered a classic to some, it is still a very good record. His best work would come much later. Meanwhile, this debut has something to say and it said it well enough to warrant a listen another 32 years into the future.

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  1. Human Racing
  2. Dancing Girls
  3. Wouldn't It Be Good
  4. I Won't Let The Sun Go Down On Me
  5. One Step Ahead
  6. The One and Only
  7. The Riddle