Nordic Noir :: Hello Darkness, My Old Friend Sync Sampler

PGS Sync Sampler :: Nordic Noir

Plutonic-Group-Sync-Sampler-Nordic-Noir-sdcldThe Scandinavian winters can be long and dark, a seasonal characteristic that’s also reflected in some of the music being made there – and we’ve curated a collection of beautiful and melancholic Nordic Noir music from our artists, Choir of Young Believers, Disa, East of My Youth, Chimes & Bells, Our Broken Garden, Mattis, ÄTNA and Magnolia Shoals…

Each of these compositions could grace the soundtrack of any Scandi psychodrama, from ‘The Bridge’, ‘The Killing’, ‘Wallander’ and many others…

But there is much more to this rich collection of epic songs than inscrutable bleakness. Complex in theme and structure, they navigate shifting moods, ideas that morph tantalizingly in new directions just when you think you have them in your grasp.

Part of the success of Scandinavian crime dramas and crime authors lies in their being unafraid of darkness and melancholy, and instead seeing a certain beauty and comfort in it. This playlist collects the atmospheric – if downbeat – tone of the music that accompanies some of television drama’s most artfully staged scenes of murder and mutilation.

If you’re big into Bjork, The National, Lykke Li, Sigur Ros and First Aid Kit then you’re going to be hooked on our icy and atmospheric musical offerings! There’s plenty of Nordic Noir music to explore here and carry you over, while waiting for the next series of The Bridge and The Killing to hit our shores.

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  1. Hollow Talk
  2. Back Home
  3. Paradigms
  4. Render Hill
  5. Bond
  6. Nightsong
  7. Into The Night
  8. Necessary Wound
  9. Stronger
  10. Á Kaf
  11. Remission
  12. Stand Still
  13. The Lake
  14. New Order

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