Nu Disco : The Plutonic Group Indie Dance Party Sync Mix


NU DISCO : Dance To The Music

Ahh, Nu Disco – a glorious hybrid of funky old skool soul and modern-day synth/house production.

Le Couleur : Nu Disco Sync SamplerIn technical terms, Nu Disco is a 21st-century dance music genre associated with a renewed interest in 1970s and 1980s disco, early to mid-1980s Italo disco and French house, as well as other synthesizer-heavy European dance styles.

Though Nu Disco is a relatively new term in and of itself, the roots of the genre go back to the disco of the days of old with new pin-point production, a byproduct of modern technology. An entire categorization of Disco Edits (and Re-Edits and Re-Rubs) has sprung up taking original disco and funk songs and updating them with much more low end, heavier kicks and backbeats, and more loop-based grooves.

But Nu Disco is something different than that, more than just an updated remix of an old disco song.

Much of the funk that strongly influenced the original disco sound is fading away and being replaced with lush synth chords. Strong pop melodies are replacing disco chants, and synth bass-lines are replacing the octave popping disco lines. The sound has become smoother, more seductive, more refined.

Indie dance, along with the genre formerly known as French house, both take refuge under nu disco’s sparkling umbrella, making this genre the cocktail party where indie rock and EDM come to mingle. It’s the sound of all the disco, new wave, punk, electro-clash and indie that you love, but with EDM precision.

For me the biggest thing that distinguishes Nu Disco is how people dance to it. With dubstep there is raging, hands moving up and down, and slight “stinky face” look, with electro-house arms are raised, and jerky gesticulation occurs. But with Nu Disco the dance movement is more in the hips, everyone has a smile on their face. It’s sexy music that just keeps grooving. There aren’t huge builds and big drops; it’s the happy tantra of dance music.

We are beyond thrilled to share our favourite Nu Disco tracks, sourced from our global music partners and curated specifically to suit your Television, Film, Advertising & media production needs. Make Plutonic Group Syncs your source for music discovery – Stay tuned for our updates as we add new songs and artists in the genre to our catalogue.

On dance floors and in our hearts, disco never dies.

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  1. Blast Off (feat Lady Bunny)
  2. Keep It Funky (Oh No Ah-Ah) (Pan Electric Radio Mix)
  3. Better Dance
  4. Le Rythme De La Vie
  5. To Ardent feat. Nancy Sinatra (Grovesnor remix)
  6. Timing Forget the Timing
  7. Shawarma Hunters
  8. Find That Someone Feat. Richard Judge
  9. Remember Me By Feat. Richard Judge (Original)
  10. Flyin'
  11. Concerto Rock (radio edit)
  12. Voyage Amoureux (radio edit)
  13. Over (radio edit #2)
  14. Erotica Nervosa (feat Sarah Rebecca)
  15. Where is my Ego (Dim Sum Remix)