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ORi : The Soundscape Artist

ORi : Unwind | Plutonic Group SyncsHearing this album will make you feel like you’re swimming in a pleasant ocean yet struggling to keep your breath…

The bedroom continues to be a reliable laboratory for surprising pop-musical experiments and Songwriter Ori Alboher is a part of this world of music.
The melodies are appealing and Ori’s voice is soothing yet diving into the words and breaching through the background sounds, it’s dragging you down, the brain can’t stop its endless futile fight to comprehend it all.

Ori Alboher grew up playing around the local music scene of Jerusalem, Israel. There, his popularity expanded, live concerts were rare and only promoted by word of mouth by an ever-growing fan base that led to sold out shows in Jerusalem’s prominent venues.  .

Now a permanent fixture on the Berlin music circuit, he has started over, reinventing his artistic personality. Influenced by the city’s large amount of possibilities and scenes, but also by the anonymity, he came back to the very core of himself. Subsequently, the move and Germany have had a major impact upon ORi – allowing him to create his own genre of music.

On his debut, vocals, xylophones, synths and acoustic loops overlap with ever new mosaics, creating dreamy soundscapes reminiscent of Icelandic bands like Amiina and Múm. Little surprising that his album was mastered by Mandy Parnell, who had already worked with Sigur Rós, and enjoyed a high and more than deserved popularity around the web.
In august 2012, ORi released two albums – ‘The Secret Message’ with his band FOLO alongside his solo project, ‘Unwind’.

ORi’s music tends to be full of contrasts. Creating a genre somewhere between Electronica, R’n’B, Pop and Ambient, he blends organic soundscapes with electronic influences, combining his pure and disarming voice with modified human vocals, loops and beats.

From the onset, Ori grows a fairytale from the noises of nature, voices, and simple instrumentation – a sound now associated to Scandinavia. “Behind Your Back” starts off with the essence of running water in the background, steadily building up into a folky, clap driven tune that is one of the best featured tracks on the album. Throughout the playlist, Ori does a beautiful job of using soundbytes turning them into looping beats like in “Soul Bird” or building a speech into an emotional soundscape such as he presents with “2010”. A very peaceful album that needs only one listen to gain great appreciation from anyone

An emotional hybrid of musical genres, ORi builds up melodic, rhythmic and repetitive structures that pull you into his music, creating moods that oscillate between intimacy and distant depths. Like driving slowly in the lowest gear, calming down to feel the moment.


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RIYL: Sufjan Stevens, Beck, Bedroom, Bon Iver, Amiina+ Múm

  1. Er
  2. Wish
  3. Haman
  4. Clean Soft Fresh And Comfortable
  5. Revolt
  6. Behind Your Back
  7. 2010
  8. Soul Bird
  9. Anable Song

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