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PGS Artist Spotlight: Magnolia Shoals

One of the most promising bands in Denmark these days, Magnolia Shoals, released their debut album, “Tenants” to a growing crowd of followers scattered around Europe!

If you need separation from the outside world, if you need to dive deep into your own thoughts, worries, doubts – to solve them – Magnolia Shoals’ album is a perfect soundtrack for doing so.

The compositions are balanced – the sad, melancholic vocals give them depth. Many Danish bands are masters at ‘melancholy’, but Magnolia Shoals manages to take it to a higher level by incorporating classical instruments like violin, cello and trumpet, mix it with lyrics filled with symbolism and trump it with baritone-voice, which is not really so many out there. Each song has so many layers created by classical instruments, as well as the highly delicate use of electronic tools, almost barely heard, yet present. The perfection of the whole is fulfilled by the lyrics.

Bands To Watch - Magnolia Shoals - Plutonic Group SyncsThe four Danes: Nicolai Noa (vocal), Thomas Halkier (bass), Kristian Lorenzen (drums) og Samuel Medina (guitar), have always tried to do things their way and with a pace that suits them and not surrender to hype and dive into the first offer served.

Magnolia Shoals show themselves and their music just as they are. Pure, vulnerable, real. In a world full of electronic, computer-generated music, it’s great to stumble upon a band that believes in the beauty of old-fashioned, classic instruments and the ultimate message that music is a mirror of the soul.

If you’re a fan of The National, Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen, Sigur Ros and Tindersticks – then you’re already a fan of Magnolia Shoals!

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Sit back and enjoy the imagery and sounds of Magnolia Shoals

  1. Drifters
  2. Necessary Wound
  3. Render Hill


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