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Striking collaborators, Rudden+Bridge, bring a modern authenticity, passion and originality to the British singer-songwriter scene. Influenced by acts like Simon & Garfunkel, Thom Yorke, The Verve and Nick Drake and recently described as “ones to watch”.

The acoustic pair write about life experiences with a fresh or unique perspective. Their music showcases ingenuity by fusing their unique blend of folk, pop and rock to create a new but familiar sound.



Nick Drake - Treasury | Rudden+BridgeThe passion for music is reflected in their songwriting along with impressive vocals setting them apart from their contemporaries. Bridge displays unique and subtle vocal inflections in his acoustic Pop/Folk material reminiscent of Guy Garvey and Chris Martin.

Their tracks “You Saw Something” and “Calling” stand out with unique raspy vocals, catchy melodic lines and lyrics. “Lost At Sea” just shows you what great storytellers and artists Rudden+Bridge are as the music fills your senses.

They capture the longing for love, conflicted with the fear of the loneliness. There are so many more layers of meaning and symbolism in the clear, clean lyrics of all of their musical works.

Who Are Rudden+Bridge

Stephen ‘Beanz’ Rudden has been working in the music business for over 20+ years as a record producer, composer, keyboard player arranger, programmer and performer throughout London, Europe and Asia. His strengths are in Pop, Techno and Acoustic music. He is best known as the man behind the revolutionary UK Top 5 chart hit “Love City Groove” – the first rap song in the history of the highly influential Eurovision song contest to be chosen to represent the U.K. in 1995.

His passion is working with creatives of all styles/genres, conjures up the best performance out of the many artists with whom he collaborates. His inspiring approach to music and songwriting really does make a difference.

Rudden pushes boundaries to create and fuse vibrance, by twisting and turning the list of performance possibilities. He’s keen to make some new noise in the pop music arena making more music that springs from wherever his imagination takes him.


We Are Rudden+Bridge

Rudden+Bridge @FiddlersLoz Bridge is a songwriter and experienced musician with a gift for telling stories through music with strong emotional hooks. His tracks have received enthusiastic reviews in the UK music press, and airplay on national UK radio.

As a co-writer, he worked on the first official single ‘Stories’, by rising songstress, Jazz Morley to accompany her national tour.

An experienced live performer with a commanding stage presence, Loz supported artists such as Karima Francis and Ben Ottewell (Gomez).

Tom Waits, Lauryn Hill, Sting, Elbow, Bjork and John Lennon have played a part in Rudden and Bridges’ musical development. Their style is very much their own… although it would be fair to say that if you are a fan of their influences you will likely be a fan of Rudden+Bridge.

  1. Fallen Angel
  2. You Saw Something In Me
  3. Calling
  4. Let Love Be
  5. Joyride (Roxette Cover)
  6. Born In The USA (Bruce Springsteen) Acoustic Piano