Plutonic Productions Songwriting Camp 2015

Metropolis Music Publishing Teams Up with PlutonicGroup

For London Songwriting Camp 

Plutonic Productions Songwriting Camp
UK music publishing company, Metropolis Music teams up with London-based music licensing/production company, PlutonicGroup for inaugural London songwriting camp in early April.

Studio Session | Plutonic Productions Songwriting Camp

This past April saw Metropolis Music teaming up with key British publishers and PlutonicGroup for an inaugural songwriting session at London’s Metropolis Studios. Over the course of the 3 intense days, songwriters and artists from across the UK worked with publishing partners Metropolis Music Publishing, Roasting House Publishing [Sweden] set to join forces to score new potential hits.  

What goes down at this camp one might ask - Basically, a songwriting camp is a forum where artists, producers and songwriters are brought together and new songs are specifically written for artists from our exclusive list of labels and management.

Plutonic Productions Songwriters Camp | Songwriters Room

We were presented with leads for major recording artists as well as winners of international television song contest. During the camp, writers were divided into teams of three each day for morning and afternoon sessions. Each team produced one song per session, meaning everyone at the camp had the opportunity to write at least six songs by the end of the three days.

Some of the UK-writers present included, John Fairhurst,  Jessica Sharman , Beanz Rudden , Kye Sones, Mike Watson, Malory Torr and Ryan Burnett.

What, with the talented writers and producers taking part, the briefs we received and the participation of label A&R’s, we were able to create some amazing new music for future song placements. For us, the experience in organising a songwriting camp allowed us to help create an inspiring basis for new songs to arise. The partnership between Metropolis Music and PlutonicGroup as well as a broad spectrum of writers with strong and versatile skills is destined to lead to more fruitful songwriting and networking camps.


Plutonic Productions Songwriters | Beanz Rudden and Mike Watson2015 will see Plutonic Productions hosting several major writing camps and smaller sessions working out of Metropolis Studios with our global partners and talent.