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Post Rock: both mellow at times and extremely epic…

Like the term postmodern, post rock doesn’t just mean after rock – it’s also against rock, a rejection of an outmoded narrative. Post rock embraced uncertainty and indecision, and shied away from rallying statements, wary that any aesthetic rebellion can easily be co-opted and commercialised.

Whether you accept the term or not, this thing called post rock encompasses some of the most exciting music of the last 25 years.

While post-rock bands run the stylistic gamut, some elements are common to the sub-genre, including effects-laden guitar, slow-building song arrangements, sampled sound bites, and judiciously applied strings. The music is composed with rock instruments–guitar, drums, swagger, etc.– but isn’t chained to standard verse-chorus-verse structures. Instead, these songs rise and fall with dynamic changes in volume, tone and delay-soaked time signature shifts. These and other ingredients combine to create sounds that can be both pastoral and almost hallucinogenic.

A schooling for the uninitiated and a personal account for those who know their way around, scroll down to begin and hit play on our brilliant hour-long mix to add another layer of context to this playlist!

Allow us to introduce you to…


Kwoon - Post RockThe Parisian post rock combo Kwoon was born in 2006, the year of its first self-produced album, ‘Tales and Dreams’. Kwoon’s music is lush,melancholy and haunting; Rises of exhilarating intensity, where the solemnity of the cello flirts with the majestic flight of the guitars, all carried by a voice hushed and intimate… The bands dreamlike music has been warmly praised by the press, garnering comparisons to groups such as Sigur Ros, Explosions in the Sky and Godspeed You ! Black Emperor with a few touches of Pink Floyd. Kwoon’s brand of post rock is highly recommended for all fans of this sub-genre.

  1. I Lived On The Moon
  2. Divine Comedy
  3. Slow
  4. Emily Is Queen (Instrumental)
  5. MARS 2.0
  6. The Last Trip Of A Drunken Man


Cyann & Ben:

Cyann & Ben : Post Rock

Part psychedelia, part space-rock, part Court & Spark, usually moodily quiet but often surprisingly grand and soaring and epic, bearing a slight resemblance to Flying Saucer Attack, a little to Sigur Ros, with comparisons to their French countrymen Bed, and more than a little to Talk Talk, and described by Pitchfork as a “holy fucking hurricane”– shouldn’t all this make it obvious why we love this band? When you need a good cry, and you’d rather shed tears at sheer beauty than at all the negativity in the world around you, listen here.

  1. A Moment Nowhere
  2. Summer
  3. Siren Song
  4. Sparks Of Love


Lost In The Fog + Babel:

Lost In The Fog : Post Rock : Plutonic Group SyncsLost In The Fog are a Japanese rock band formed in 2012 and if ‘Ghost Ship’, or any of the other five tracks from their debut mini EP, ‘The Grave of Einsvach“, are anything to go by, then we say ‘yes, more music, please’. The swirling mood they create certainly recreates something not more than a stones throw away from some of Smashing Pumpkins’ earlier gems. Breathy vocals and use of guitar effects, produce a “wall of noise” which is beautifully and musically exemplified by impressive melodies, inviting you into a world of dreams.

Babel is an off-shoot duo from LITF, whose purpose is to ‘provide people worldwide our music without the necessity of understanding each other’s culture and language.’ Hence the imaginary language heard in many of their tracks.

  1. Holy Day
  2. Ghost Ship
  3. Suicide Parade
  4. Fenetorito
  5. Farewell

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