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Barbara & The Browns

Barbara & The Browns | Plutonic Group Syncs SamplerMemphis singer Barbara Brown managed to score a Pop Top 100 hit in the US and yet the length of her biography is the handful of lines by Rob Bowman in his sleeve note for the first Stax/Volt box set. Yet she was a singer whose output over a ten year period for a variety of labels was astounding. Other than the three Stax A-sides these recordings have never been reissued.

Three of Barbara Brown’s singles appeared in the early 70s on the Sounds Of Memphis label. Barbara’s brilliant singles appeared on Atco, Cadet and Tower as well as the XL and Sounds Of Memphis labels, but they all came from one source.

The tapes were sitting in the storage vault owned by Linda Lucchesi (Gene’s daughter)  that not only were in pristine condition but that there was also a bunch of stunning unreleased tracks, such as the amazing Gonna Start A War, originally slated as a Cadet single that never materialised and that is now kicking up a storm wherever it is played.

Barbara’s voice – trained in church – is as good as it gets in soul music; the songs are the work of craftsmen; and the productions whether they are by Charles Chalmers (on the early cuts) or Dan Greer are sparkling. CAN’T FIND NO HAPPINESS, packed with some great images from the extensive Sounds Of Memphis archive.

Barbara & The Browns music stands up alongside the finest pieces of Memphis soul in any record collection. Barbara Brown can take her place alongside your Otis and James Carr records.

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