Scandinavian Music Invasion : PGS Sync Sampler

Hear The Future of Scandinavian Music

When it comes to pop music, it seems that Scandinavia can do no wrong.

Nordic Noir TV | Scandinavian MusicOur fascination with Nordic noir and Danish crime drama on TV, the worlds appetite for the distinct twangs of Scandinavian music has become more than insatiable. And with these TV dramas we discovered Swedish music is more diverse than pure pop – the indie scene grows larger and more influential each day – combining melancholy with a touch of happiness (but just a touch), that has been proven to be very popular around the globe.

Now, a new wave of Scandi bands and Nordic musicians are coming to the British shores. But what is it about that distinct Scandi-pop sound that we simply can not get enough of?

While Sweden has a central place in the music world, there’s been a steady charge of talented musicians and singers from across the region following in the footsteps paved for them by the likes of the Cardigans, Aqua, and A-ha. Along with newer artists like , Robyn, Lykke Li and Röyskopp, Scandi musicians are finding an audience who crave a zeitgeisty sound. These artists blend a variety of musical styles and all share a specific “Nordic flavour”: heavy synth, clean and minimalistic, with a cold, calculated aura.

Our Scandinavian Music Invasion playlist transports you directly to the growing eclectic music scene of Scandinavia. From Sweden to Denmark and Finland – we’re showcasing some of the emerging and established talent this part of the world has on offer.

We’ve delved into our music vaults and handpicked 10 diverse acts across a range of genres: Indie Dance, Acoustic Folk, Indie Rock to Electro Soul Pop containing ‘must-listen-to’ songs from Emilie Ramirez (DK), Hazlett (SE), Terminé (FL) and Choir of Young Believers (DK)…

Our rising Nordic stars reflect exactly what’s going on in the continuously growing Scandinavian music scene.


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 Set the mood right in your TV, Film or Advert production with Scandinavian music gems!

  1. Stand Still
  2. Sideways
  3. Smoke Signals
  4. I Wished For Butterflies
  5. BLVD
  6. Tranquilizer
  7. Slow Down Sofie
  8. Underligt Forlegen
  9. Render Hill
  10. Church Bells
  11. Cyclone
  12. You Amaze Me
  13. I Am On Your Side
  14. Hollow Talk
  15. In Reverse
  16. Follow You
  17. Animal
  18. Sculpture

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