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Theme Music for Spies Crimes + Misdemeanours

Spies Crimes Misdemeanours - Plutonic Group SyncsHave you ever heard a song that makes you want to tuck and roll under a table, slide across the hood of a car as bullets chase you, or just put a custom-made suit on and slink around, solving mysteries while carrying out top-secret missions? Yeah, you and me both…

Well no proper agent could do any of the above without a Spies Crimes + Misdemeanours playlist of epic tunes like the ones we’ve selected from the Plutonic vaults – all of which have the important elements every theme song should: each of them underscore the action as well as create a mood for the character, in this case tense, dark, dangerous, intriguing and of course, sexy.

Have a listen to our staff-curated soundtrack “for your stylish, mysterious, dangerous life.” Here are 14 songs that’ll make you feel just like an agent in Her Majesty’s Secret Service!

Spies Crimes + Misdemeanours – Music for Cool spies and Tough guys…

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Spy Themed Instrumentals Available Upon Request

  1. Stop All Jerk
  2. Desert For Life
  3. The Devil Remembers Me 160
  4. Forked Paths
  5. Timing Forget the Timing
  6. Man
  7. Sassi Rondo
  8. 8th november
  9. Another Wish
  10. Pas Contente (Featuring Roger Damawuzan)
  11. Good Word's Gone (Instrumental)
  12. Monster
  13. 4 am (Instrumental)
  14. Killer

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