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Music Supervision : Iconic TV Music Moments

Music Supervision :: The Art of Creating Iconic TV Moments

How music supervisors create iconic TV moments Music Supervision was just recognized by the Emmys for the first time ever. Here’s how it works. Reese Witherspoon on HBO’s Big Little Lies, whose music supervisor Susan Jacobs recently won the first-ever Emmy for Music Supervision. HBO When Susan Jacobs took home the first-ever Outstanding Music Supervision Emmy Award at […]

Songwriter : Music Forensics

My Life As A Songwriter: Forensics of Music

A songwriter doesn’t hear music in the same way – musical forensics Any of you that have written a few tunes will attest to this. My wife tells me from time to time that I don’t have to analyze every song. Sometimes a song is just a song. Ah yes, I remember those days when […]

Who Picks The Music You Hear At The Mall?

Who Picks The Music You Hear At The Mall?

  In an episode from the fifth season of Mad Men the show’s main character, advertising executive Don Draper, is asked by his client, the cologne company Chevalier Blanc, to supply a Beatles song for a television commercial. The year is 1966, and the 40-year-old Draper doesn’t have his finger on the rapidly rising pulse of popular […]

Mick Hucknall: music soundtrack of my life

Mick Hucknall, he of the unmistakably smooth pop-soul voice, achieved enormous success in the 80s and 90s fronting Simply Red. The band sold 50 million albums with hits including Holding Back the Years, Stars, A New Flame and Fairground. Born in Manchester, Hucknall was raised by his father, Reg, after his mother left the family. […]