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4 Music Licensing Tips for the Independent Artist

Music Licensing Tips: How to Negotiate Licensing as an Independent artist The “new music industry” has arrived, and it’s constantly emerging and bringing with it exciting new opportunities. The Internet/digital age has revolutionized the music industry, particularly for independent artists and labels. Since there is so much happening, it may be overwhelming and hard to […]

Hobbyist vs Professional Musician :: Plutonic Productions

Hobbyist vs. Professional Musician – What’s the Difference?

How To Tell If You’re A Hobbyist, Not A Professional Musician   Think  Like A Label focuses on strengthening their abilities to help bands and  entrepreneurs obtain viable exposure for their music and art. James Moore is a  knowledgeable  independent music industry professional and the founder of Independent Music Promotions. IMP is a publicity and promotions […]

Music Licensing Process | Plutonic Group Syncs

Music Licensing & Placement Process Explained

  Music placement in film, television, and advertisements has quickly become a significant revenue source for musicians and the music industry. Most importantly, it has become a new platform for A&R and allows the opportunity for relatively unknown artists to break. Any genre of music has a place on film and TV, but the most […]

Why Most Musicians Aren’t Successful

Written by Aaron Davison | How to License Your Music As a musician, are you doing everything you can to make money with your music?  Are you ready to take your music and career to the next level? If you’re not then I would suggest you stop reading this section right now and delete it, because you aren’t going […]

Redefining Success In The Music Industry

Posted by Aaron Davison   Redefining Success In The Music Industry: If your definition of “making it” in the music business is selling millions of records and becoming  a “rock star” then by that definition very few musicians are ever successful.  It’s good to have some sort of measuring stick when it comes to measuring […]

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Why Most Indie Music Groups and Labels Fail (Part 1)

Indie Music Groups often fail and fall apart…. Originally posted in Music Think Tank | Written by : GLENN MACRAE |   This is part 1 of a 2 part article I wrote strictly based on my professional experience producing and engineering and managing artists.  Since 2006, I’ve been involved as a key member in several music groups, labels, and production […]