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Creative Music Supervisor

Music Supervisor Experience :: Put Yourself In Their Shoes

Do you want to get placements in the Film & TV market? Want to sharpen your pitching skills to Film & TV opportunities and get more forwards? Here’s the best exercise I’ve ever found for strengthening your Film & TV songwriting and pitches: Do what a music supervisor does.  Find songs that underscore the emotion, energy, […]

Plutonic Group Syncs | Yeti Lane | New Album, L'Aurore

Yeti Lane :: Parisian Psych Duo New Album Release “L’Aurore”

Parisian psych duo Yeti Lane release their third album, ‘L’Aurore’, via Sonic Cathedral and Clapping Music on March 4. Four years after the fantastic The Echo Show, the duo Yeti Lane will offer us their third space-time travel of 8 new titles that perfectly balances their love of analogue electronics with huge waves of guitar. This […]

YouTube | Revenue

5 Not-So-Obvious Revenue Tips For Musicians (UPDATED)

You’ve probably seen many lists outlining revenue opportunities. Here’s a little twist on not just learning what they are, but also how to utilize them. We present: 5 Not-So-Obvious Revenue Tips For Musicians MASTER/SYNC LICENSES By far, this should be the most important part of your music business plan now. In other words, this is where […]

Indie Bands | Apple | PlutonicGroupSyncs

Indie bands: Apple once loved unknown acts—what changed?

Why you’ve heard of Feist instead of indie bands like Willy Moon or Ting Tings, & why it’s unlikely to change. In April 2007, only diehard Broken Social Scene fans salivated when band member Leslie Feist released a solo album titled The Reminder. Sales were moderate for the first five months, reaching an average of 6,000 […]

Music for Advertising

Music for Advertising: 11 Really Catchy Songs Written Just for TV Ads

Music for Advertising :: While commercials can be the nuisance that puts an extra two minutes between you and the shocking ‘Big Brother’ elimination round, they can also be surprisingly effective vehicles for embedding that one song in your head. As marketers strive for an image of authenticity, the classic jingle has fallen out of […]