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Plutonic Group Syncs :: Artists To Watch 2019


Artists To Watch 2019: Hey, 2018, you were BRILLIANT. An insanely great year for unearthing new talent, the array of new acts on the scene was beyond astonishing! Artists Discovery From bluesy post-grunge music to raw gritty punk; the underground  rock scene is thriving and alive, filled to the...
Plutonic Group Syncs :: Sharp Objects Music Supervisor

How ‘Sharp Objects’ Music Supervisor Created Its Killer Soundtrack

‘Sharp Objects’ Music Contains a Chilling Message Like with Big Little Lies, almost all of the HBO drama’s songs are diegetic—and connected to the larger mystery.   HBO . The Sharp Objects Soundtrack Is Even Better Than Big Little Lies’ Love the Sharp Objects soundtrack? Music supervisor Susan Jacobs is partly to thank for that....
Plutonic Group Syncs :: Music Supervisor Experience

Music Supervisor Experience :: Put Yourself In Their Shoes

Do you want to get placements in the Film & TV market? Want to sharpen your pitching skills to Film & TV opportunities and get more forwards? Here’s the best exercise I’ve ever found for strengthening your Film & TV songwriting and pitches: Do what a music supervisor does.  Find...