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Plutonic Group Syncs :: Reasons Why Sync Reps Ignore Your Music

3 Reasons Sync Reps Ignore Your Music

Bands/Musicians, Here Are The Top Reasons Sync Reps Are Overlooking Your Songs There can be any number of reasons Sync Reps ignore your music submissions. If you’ve been trying to get Master/Sync licenses (Syncs) for your music to be used in advertising, games, movies, etc., then most likely, you’ve...
Plutonic Group Syncs :: Music Supervisor Experience

Music Supervisor Experience :: Put Yourself In Their Shoes

Do you want to get placements in the Film & TV market? Want to sharpen your pitching skills to Film & TV opportunities and get more forwards? Here’s the best exercise I’ve ever found for strengthening your Film & TV songwriting and pitches: Do what a music supervisor does.  Find...
Plutonic Group Syncs :: 80s Music On TV Today

80s Music : As Heard On TV Today

How TV Is Making Us Hear ’80s Music in a Whole New Way Before The Sopranos series finale famously cut to black, Tony Soprano made a choice. He flipped through the options in a diner jukebox and decided to play Journey’s 1981 anthem “Don’t Stop Believin’.” That wasn’t the...