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TV Show Placement :: What Happens Next

Getting A Song Placed in a TV Show: What Happens Next

What Actually Happens After Your Song is Placed in a TV Show? 8 Musicians Weigh In Songs that are played at key moments in a TV show and/or movie have always been an important part of both films and music. They set a mood, define a character, and in the case of the artist, showcase […]

Ad Agencies - Music

Striking a chord with Ad Agencies: Fortunes for Musicians

More commercials are featuring original compositions, helping boost the fortunes of L.A. musicians who can write catchy jingles for ad agencies Written by: Colin Stutz | L.A. Times   Commercial-music licensing is a booming business, as ad agencies, filmmakers, TV producers and others use pop songs to gloss their products. Ad spots include Texas blues star […]

Facebook Marketing for Musicians

7 Things I Want From Your Facebook Page…

    Facebook. You’re on it. I’m on it. The vast majority of people who are ever going to show even the slightest bit of interest in your music whatsoever are on it. So you’d better ‘do’ it right eh? Judging by the amount of emails I receive from musicians trying to flog their wares […]


Musicians: Music Marketing Is Part Of Everything You Do

Marketing Is Marketing Is Marketing Music Marketing : For many people the term “marketing” conjures up images of cheezy advertising or pushy sales people or wack gimmicks to catch the attention of the press. So if you’re a musician that equates marketing with those things, it’s understandable that the idea that you need to market yourself and your music makes you […]