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Music Supervisor Experience :: Put Yourself In Their Shoes

Do you want to get placements in the Film & TV market? Want to sharpen your pitching skills to Film & TV opportunities and get more forwards? Here’s the best exercise I’ve ever found for strengthening your Film & TV songwriting and pitches: Do what a music supervisor does.  Find songs that underscore the emotion, energy, […]

16 Bands Watch 2016 | Plutonic Group Syncs

16 Already Heard Bands To Watch in 2016

Plutonic Groups Bands To Watch 2016 Now that the best-of lists have been written, published, and read, let’s forget 2015, shall we? Well, here’s a little something to cleanse your pop palate! We have compiled a list of 16 artists expected to make waves in 2016 – our Bands To Watch playlist. The aim isn’t […]