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Music You Should Know :: Feels :: Plutonic Group Syncs

Music Artists You Should Know :: FEELS (Finland)

Music Artists You Should Know Introducing the debut EP from Helsinki-based ‘indietronica’ band Feels. Every year, there’s a surprise a electro-pop band that bursts on the scene. Phantogram, CHVRCHES, and GEMS are just a few names. Helsinki’s Feels could be this year’s band. Comprised of Sofi Meronen (vocals), Mikael Myrskog (keyboard), and Jooel Jons (producer), […]

YouTube Lyric Videos

How Lyric Videos on YouTube Became Music’s Hottest Star (Analysis)

100 million views for less than $1,000? Major and indie labels are making big money and reaching young fans as DIY-style lyric videos hit the streaming service. In the 1966 documentary Don’t Look Back, Bob Dylan is featured in what, at the time, was an innovative music video. As the song “Subterranean Homesick Blues” plays, Dylan unfurls cue […]

Facebook Marketing for Musicians

7 Things I Want From Your Facebook Page…

    Facebook. You’re on it. I’m on it. The vast majority of people who are ever going to show even the slightest bit of interest in your music whatsoever are on it. So you’d better ‘do’ it right eh? Judging by the amount of emails I receive from musicians trying to flog their wares […]

Music Licensing Process | Plutonic Group Syncs

Music Licensing & Placement Process Explained

  Music placement in film, television, and advertisements has quickly become a significant revenue source for musicians and the music industry. Most importantly, it has become a new platform for A&R and allows the opportunity for relatively unknown artists to break. Any genre of music has a place on film and TV, but the most […]