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Why Musicians Fail :: Cari Cole

Reasons Why Musicians Fail by Music Coach, Cari Cole

As an indie artist, you musicians will have plenty of hurdles to clear before you achieve success with your music career – a positive mindset is where it all starts There are a variety of reasons musicians and indie artists fail. Some lack real talent or work ethic. Some suffer from bad timing – like starting […]

Honing Your Craft - 6 ways to build your reputation

How to Build Your Reputation as a Songwriter

6 ways to establish your reputation and yourself as a songwriter – and stand out – in the industry Posted in MusicWorld | by Cliff Goldmacher As in any business, your reputation and the impression that you make is a big part of a successful career in songwriting. Being well-respected and taken seriously as a songwriter will, in […]

How A Musician Can Cut Out Middleman

Dear Musicians: Become Your Own Middleman

Musicians as Middlemen By Joshua S. Lundquist, musician and blogger at An Incredible Waste of Time   Finally over ten years after the music industry started freaking out about Napster and BitTorrent downloads of entire albums (a godsend for fans of old out-of-print music), there is starting to be a glimmer of hope for us artists. […]

Why Most Musicians Aren’t Successful

Written by Aaron Davison | How to License Your Music As a musician, are you doing everything you can to make money with your music?  Are you ready to take your music and career to the next level? If you’re not then I would suggest you stop reading this section right now and delete it, because you aren’t going […]

Redefining Success In The Music Industry

Posted by Aaron Davison   Redefining Success In The Music Industry: If your definition of “making it” in the music business is selling millions of records and becoming  a “rock star” then by that definition very few musicians are ever successful.  It’s good to have some sort of measuring stick when it comes to measuring […]