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Music :: Art of Search

Music Supervisors :: The Art of Music Discovery

Music Discovery: The art of search If you turn exploration into a science, you risk missing the extraordinary.. Few people know about the process of bringing one’s music to the attention of music supervisors and others who can get your music on tv, in films and in commercials. The music supervisor is a wrangler and facilitator […]

Sync Licensing for Advertising, Film & TV

Sync Licensing For Advertising, Film, TV & Video Games

Learn many valuable tips from Sync licensing expert, Rob Schustack, on how to get your music placed in television, film, advertisements, and video games. Rob also explains how ‘Sync’ works and how artists, songwriters and producers can get started submitting tracks for music placement. He talks about how music supervisors and agencies search for new […]

Music You Should Know :: Feels :: Plutonic Group Syncs

Music Artists You Should Know :: FEELS (Finland)

Music Artists You Should Know Introducing the debut EP from Helsinki-based ‘indietronica’ band Feels. Every year, there’s a surprise a electro-pop band that bursts on the scene. Phantogram, CHVRCHES, and GEMS are just a few names. Helsinki’s Feels could be this year’s band. Comprised of Sofi Meronen (vocals), Mikael Myrskog (keyboard), and Jooel Jons (producer), […]

13 Reasons You Need your own Band Website

Band Website : 13 Reasons You Need Your Own

Having a professional website makes it look like you’re serious about your art Many people pass through our site and our office and tell us that they don’t have a band website. It upsets us. We’ve written about it before here, but I want to go into a little more detail so that we can try and […]

Facebook Marketing for Musicians

7 Things I Want From Your Facebook Page…

    Facebook. You’re on it. I’m on it. The vast majority of people who are ever going to show even the slightest bit of interest in your music whatsoever are on it. So you’d better ‘do’ it right eh? Judging by the amount of emails I receive from musicians trying to flog their wares […]