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The Bluebells : Forever Young At Heart

The Bluebells : SistersBefore Britpop gave the UK music scene a running theme, the charts ran amuck with one-hit wonders and soundtrack smashes.

It was during this time that The Bluebells became part of a vanguard of Scottish pop which included the likes of Orange Juice and Aztec Camera, all of whom helped to inspire a generation of Scots acts to pick up guitars.

The Bluebells were the unlikeliest of pop stars, part of a burgeoning jangly guitar Sound of Young Scotland in the 80s.

The Bluebells didn’t take themselves too seriously. They were a breath of fresh air at the time when sulking new romantics and those obsessed with ‘electric’ music seemed desperate to depress us all!

The band enjoyed three Top 40 hit singles in the UK – ‘Cath’, ‘I’m Falling’ and their massive commercial hit, ‘Young at Heart’.

As the story goes, Bobby was dating Siobhan Fahey from Bananarama when he decided to help them out with some songs for their debut album Deep Sea Skiving. The track, ‘Young At Heart’ was one of them, and although it made Bananarama’s album, Fahey felt that The Bluebells should cover it.

They did so and the single made it to number eight in the UK Singles Chart on its original release in 1984. The band also released an EP, The Bluebells, and a full-length album, ‘Sisters‘, with tracks produced by Elvis Costello, Alan Shacklock, Bob Andrews and Colin Fairley.

‘Young At Heart’ is yet another song where hearing the original changes your perspective on it: as a Bananarama album track, their version is fizzy but unusually thoughtful, a vignette of a kid growing to understand her parents’ choices and compromises.

Despite splitting up in the mid-80s, the band enjoyed a second bite of fame when Young At Heart returned to the charts, reaching #1 on the British charts nearly a decade after it’s original release – after being featured on a Volkswagen TV advert in 1993.

Today, Bobby, often puts his hit-making talents to work for other acts, such as Sinead O’Connor, Bon Jovi, Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys, and Texas. He recently formed a new group called The Poems that signed to the American label Minty Fresh.

Great music has no expiration date…

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  1. Young At Heart
  2. Forever More
  3. Scared
  4. Fall from Grace
  5. I'm Falling
  6. Orange County
  7. Cath (Remix)
  8. Sweet Jesus