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The Sound Makers : Music Production

Israel has a surprisingly vibrant, tight-knit community of talented musicians who produce music across all platforms, which includes the musical works of  Sound Makers Productions!

The Sound Makers Productions is an award-winning music production company based in Tel Aviv, that is focused on composing music for advertising campaigns, TV series, websites, films and promos across Europe (Israel, France, Belgium, Switzerland, and Russia), North American and beyond.

Shaked & Baked: BBR/ Saatchi&Saatchi Advertising, Tel-Aviv
Original Music: Ran Shem-Tov & Shiri HadarThe Sound Makers Productions

The Sound Makers Productions is run by Shiri Hadar and Ran Shem-Tov, the driving force and main writer for Cherie and Renno, playing the guitar and leading the vocals. Both band members are experienced musicians and have been on the Israeli music scene for quite some time.

Shiri and Ran were also members of Izabo, an Israeli group whose music has been described as a mix of psychedelic rock, disco, punk and Arabic spices.  Their work for the Israeli AIDS Task Force campaign has won awards around the globe, including Cannes, One Show, Golden Drum, New York Festivals, Cresta, London International and Clio Healthcare.

The Sound Makers Productions : SDIA ‘Going All The Way’

Agency: Shalmor Avnon Amichay/Y&R Interactive
Original Music: Ran Shem-Tov & Shiri HadarThe Sound Makers Productions

Another example of their work  is a pro bono campaign for the New York City Marathon, produced for the New York Road Runners Club, for which Amber Music created and produced an original track, “Day After.”

Sound Makers ProductionsRan and Shiri have a palpable sense of pride for their country, and it was this desire to champion their heritage that lead them to enter into the Eurovision Song Contest in 2012 . They’ve made a name for themselves combining squeezed vocals, flavourful Eastern guitar, fatty bass, serrated keyboards and tick-tock disco beats into a delicious fasulia.

Ran is a versatile producer, having worked with musical luminaries such as Yehudit Ravitz, Anat Damon and Dikla. While Shiri plays keyboard in the band, she is a solo artist in her own right, producing her latest album, performed purely in Hebrew.  

Ran Shem Tov sings over angular spidery guitars while keyboards player Shiri Hadar backs him up with her sweet sunny voice. Behind them warm runs of white punk funky bass chase a pulsing, danceable drumbeat. A promising, infectious debut.” (**** out of 4)
~ UNCUT Magazine UK

The Sound Makers Production : Hanes ‘Women’s Color Wheel’ Advert

What do you get when you have a bunch of women doing synchronized movement in colourful underwear? Answer: this Hanes commercial.

Agency: Dragon Licks / A&G Sync
Original Music: Ran Shem-Tov & Shiri HadarThe Sound Makers Productions

The addicting song in this Hanes commercial is Fashion Free by Izabo/The Sound Makers Production – it’s sure to get stuck in your head!

With vast experience creating music across multiple formats, Sound Makers Productions produce the highest quality compositions  and re-records for Advertising, TV shows and entertainment. As composers, they work together to respond to any brief and provide bespoke musical solutions, completely customised to fit its clients’ unique needs – quickly and effectively for global brands.

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