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THEA :: Indie Pop :: Plutonic Group SyncsDo you remember the last time you heard original pop music or artists from the Philippines…how about from Davao City? Can’t recall? Well we’d like to introduce you to a fledging band worthy of notice; flourishing in the indie music scene, taking flight and making their way to all corners of the world and beyond. The name is: THEA.

When you first hear this young lady and her band, you can not help but to be impressed and become instantly enchanted by her music and voice. Her lovely, melancholic songs, coupled with tunes from her ukulele will definitely stay with you long after your first listen!

Despite her youth, Thea Pitogo has a delicate way of blending indie-pop whimsy with sparse instrumentation, almost as if plotting the sonic equivalent of an introspective journey through clouds and lazy autumn forests, even in her sound sleep. Somewhere between Feist and Regina Spektor, she embodies the contemplative mark of a struggling singer-songwriter who aside from being passionate about the words that flutter inside an intimate room, dreams that someday their song will endure the passing of time and soundtrack the hearts of many.

How You Do Love”, produced by Beanz Rudden, is in the zone that tucks Thea (the singer-songwriter) in a state of disarming frailty, exposing the intensity of love that is young and brave, it defies expectations. The Davao-based chanteuse doesn’t hold her emotions back; she describes her infatuation as a “feeling that someone like you won’t understand,” her lines slipping off a cliff, deformed until barely familiar. It’s in these precious, unguarded moments that we hear a kind of confessional, awash in wounds and dust, a quality Thea renders in a drama that drives us all to a good, healthy cry.

THEA, has been actively performing in and around the city. Each of their gigs brings a different kind of aural experience to the audience—one that is good for the soul, especially those that are hungry for music that is defined by passionate collaboration.

“ Folk is a universal genre and has been for years. We cannot say that our music is folk alone; some of us have played with jazz, pop, death metal, ballad and reggae,” the band said. “It is a crazy idea putting these artists together but at the end of the day it’s all about collaboration. This makes our music colourful and more expressive than how it should be.”

THEA :: Fresh On The Net :: BBC Radio 6Internationally, THEA has recently been recognised over on Tom Robinson’s BBC Radio 6 blog, ‘Fresh on the Net’ as part of the Top Ten Fresh Faves (Batch 186) . They also have been featured in the MIDEM Music Festival 2014, landing as the one of the Top 30 finalist out of 800 entries.

THEA counts the legends Bob Dylan, Bob Marley, Rey Charles, Simon and Garfunkel, Mumford and Sons and Joan Jett, as musical influences.

The band released their first EP last July 5, 2014, entitled “Love More”. One of their first singles, “Stole My Heart“, put them in the ears, eyes and on the radar of people from local radio stations, leading to performances at gigs and festivals across The Philippines.

And now their first international single from the upcoming debut album is available for listening on SoundCloud. The raw and organic quality of the bands sound can only be matched by the visual experience from the soon-to-be-released music video.

Meanwhile, Thea Pitogo continues to bring her listeners home with her stories and her hauntingly unique timbre of her voice. Take in a refreshing breath of new music as this young and promising artist and her band take the spotlight and the mic.

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  1. Home
  2. Sunshine (solo version)
  3. You Stole My Heart
  4. Last Serenade
  5. I'm Home With You
  6. Where's L.O.V.E
  7. Around The World
  8. Knockin On Heavens Door
  9. Hum For Love [Version 2]
  10. You Are My Sunshine
  11. How U Do Love [Chill Mix]
  12. Love Me Tender
  13. Shout of Hope

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