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Tigerspring Music Partners Plutonic Group Sync Plutonic Group Syncs is proud to announce our recent music licensing partnership with Tigerspring Music – a Copenhagen and London-based indie record label and management agency. Now with Plutonic Group Syncs as their UK/EU sync licensing arm, the new alliance will allow the expansion and awareness of the Tigerspring Music acts to a wider audience.

The label spearheads the larger Tigerspring Music companies, which includes booking, publishing and the recently launched sister label, EasyTiger boosted by their Worldwide joint venture with Sony ATV and Universal Publishing.

Co-Founders, Christian Møller and Søren Winding both share a love of intelligent quality music and founded Tigerspring Music on the idea of creating a new kind of record label for the “post-crisis” music business.

Tigerspring Music is perhaps best known internationally as the home of Danish indie-sensation Choir Of Young Believers, their first signing – but in their native Scandinavia, they are widely regarded as one of the most exiting young labels around.
Plutonic Group Syncs Music Partners With Tigerspring MusicTigerspring Music work with some of the best and brightest talents on the thriving Scandinavian indie-scene, in a personal, engaged and conscientious way. Tigerspring has also been instrumental in the development of artists like Fallulah, I Got You On Tape and Panamah.

Managing Director, Møller says, ‘Our tight-knit group of artists often affectionately refer to themselves and each other as the “Tiger Family”, which makes us very proud”.

The Tigerspring Music Roster/Clients includes: Fallulah, Choir Of Young Believers, I Got You On Tape, One Year From Home, Michael Møller, Our Broken Garden, Howl Baby Howl, Chimes & Bells.

Growth, development and exceeding the expectations of music listeners around the world – this is the focus and aim of Tigerspring Music.

Plutonic Group Syncs | Representing GREAT Music Worldwide
(Excluding the U.S./Canada for Selected Artists)

  1. Overrun
  2. Wear Your Demons Out
  3. Stand Still
  4. Hollow Talk
  5. Sculpture
  6. You Know That I Would
  7. I See These Things Happening
  8. New Order
  9. Revolution
  10. Once I Saw You
  11. Moldavia
  12. Swallow Your Pride
  13. Gimme Some
  14. Force of Nature

Interested in licensing these and/or other tracks for your media project?
Contact: Pam ☛ syncs@plutonicgroup.com