Totemo : PGS Sync Sampler

Her Name Is : TOTEMO

Totemo : PGS Sync Sampler Okay, so you never heard of Totemo before, but she’s a big deal back in Israel, and all you need to do is push ‘play’ (along with a peek of the video) of “Hits” and it is instantly clear why.

Rotem Or, or Totemo as she is also known, is a true indie artist and is a pretty special character of the local TelAviv music scene.

In the morning, she manages a completely unconventional lifestyle and going to work in a high-tech company where she works in recent years, and in the evenings, is busy with the creation of various electronic musical compositions that are both fearless and vulnerable; dense and bare.

The extraordinary component of Totemo’s music – Rotem Or simply creates pure beauty.

The New EP, ‘Desire Path’, offers a warm combination of spacey futuristic beats with a detailed, innovative and spatial sound. Desire Path is the sum of Totemo’s artistic vision – meticulous and uncompromisingly lush, combining electronics with elements from the Far East and indie-pop.

Totemo‘s EP is poised to push her success broader than the fame in her native Tel Aviv. This recent release is an impressive indication of her ability as an artist, poised to take on a broader audience.

Below is Desire Path, a collection that lives up to the elegant, unhurried pop of “Hits” and previous single “See Saw.” You’ll get shivers from the first cut, “Dreamit.” Those beats. And those sonics that flutter like moth wings hitting a blazing bulb.

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RIYL: Purity Ring, Massive Attack, Portishead, Telepopmusik, SIA, Lykke Li, + Astrid S

  1. Dreamit
  2. Hits
  3. Seesaw
  4. Kick
  5. Prime

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