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TV Promo, Teasers + Spots : Musically Speaking

Plutonic Group Syncs : TV Promo Sync SamplerMusic has been an integral part of  television from its earliest days and has served as a reflection of the musical tastes of the viewing public through the years.

The right music, whether it’s a cut from a production library, a pre-existing track or a custom tune, is an essential element to almost any TV promo, commercial spot or teaser.

We’ve got music that creates a buzz—compelling, lovable, effective, serious, fun, quirky and original. Natural, current, hand-crafted. Expensive-sounding when necessary, supportive, gently dynamic. We’ve got oodles of amazing artists and bands, fun and quirky tracks that are easy to edit and drop in to your programs, promos, spots, comedy or dramedy type situations. Our extensive catalogue has the tracks to make your production stand out and make your ears feel good! It’s music you want to take home with you.

A unique collection of uplifting, friendly cues to use on a variety of productions – exceptional music for Advertising Campaigns, Film & Gaming Trailers, TV promo and Television programmes. Our TV Promo sampler contains unusual and ear-catching tracks, ranging in styles from hair-raising, ear-bending, perception-shattering, orientation-warping to paradigm-shifting musical works  that are available for licensing.

Wrap your ears around The Sound Makers Productions, The Fatty Acids, Ropoporose, Izabo and Moi Moi Moi – a diverse mix of artists and their wonderfully eccentric sounds!

Hearing songs that aren’t in the charts or getting a big push feels a bit more interesting – you’re not likely to hear them in too many other places. Listen to each song and, if you are looking for something out of the ordinary, dive in.

With that in mind, here’s a quick playlist of songs

Plutonic Group Syncs | Representing Great Music Worldwide

Music for Advertising Campaigns, Film & Gaming Trailers, TV promo and Television programmes

  1. Three (You & You & Me)
  2. Is There Anyone Better Than The Flaming Lips?
  3. Boom Boom Boom
  4. I Try Not To Freak Out About It
  5. B-55 (Instrumental)
  6. Shawarma Hunters
  7. Airsick (Radio Edit)
  8. Breakthrough
  9. U
  10. Final Kiss
  11. F*** This! (Instrumental)
  12. I'm On You
  13. Place Your Hands
  14. We Got Family (Acoustic Cover)
  15. Cosmic Girl
  16. Going All The Way
  17. All The Useless Things (Radio Edit)

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