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Plutonic Group Syncs music partners come from every corner of the globe! This shortlist includes renowned music icons from major international labels and publishers to unsigned, emerging indie artists.

We pride ourselves in taking the personal approach by hand-selecting each track we represent sync placement. In doing so, we’re able to provide a wide array of brilliant tunes for your projects across all media!

Let us assist in finding you the best track from any one of the distinguished catalogues on our roster…

Plutonic Group Syncs | Representing Great Music WORLDWIDE

Asongs Music Publishing (UK) • Alter K Music Publishing (France)  •  AIMEND Label & Management (Germany) • Barking Green Music (UK) • Blue Foundation (Denmark) • Blueprint Management (UK) • Blue Sun Music (Russia) • Echo Orange Music (France) • Fierce Panda Music (UK) • Flying Fox (Sweden) • HHO Multimedia (UK) • Hold On Music (France) • Iceland Sync Music (Iceland) •  IMU/Steam Music Management (Germany) • I’m Not A Machine Music (UK) • Islander Music (Ireland) • Jones & Company Artists Management (Nova Scotia) • Klapp Management (Iceland) • Lemon Zen Music (UK) • Let Me Hear It (UK) • Luup Records (Spain) • Moi Moi Moi Music (UK) • Music Box Publishing (France) • Notedrops Music (Iceland) • Peer Agency (Iceland) • Pink Lizard Music, Ltd. (UK) • Preludio Music Publishing (Italy) • Remote Music Management (Denmark) • Snowflake Music Publishing (Sweden) • Soundmakers Production (Israel) • Superior Music Corporation (US) • Take Off Publishing (France) • Tigerspring Music Publishing (Denmark) • Tribe Music (UK) • Youth Control Music (Finland) • 3rd Stone From The Sun LLC (Japan) • 23rd Precinct Music Publishing (UK) • 66 Music (Australia)

Plutonic Group Syncs :: Representing Great Music WORLDWIDE