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Plutonic Group Syncs global music partners range from established European and UK-based indie labels, well-known and emerging artists, songwriters and producers to major publishing houses worldwide.

We have thoughtfully reviewed and hand-selected tracks from our music partners below to represent their musical works for sync placement across all media, thus providing us with a plethora of brilliant tunes for your projects!

Plutonic Group Syncs | Representing Great Music WORLDWIDE

Asongs Music Publishing (UK) • Alter K Music Publishing (France)  •  Barking Green Music (UK) • Blue Foundation (Denmark) • Blueprint Management (UK) • Blue Sun Music (Russia) • Echo Orange Music (France) • Fierce Panda Music (UK) • Flying Fox (Sweden) • HHO Multimedia (UK) • Hold On Music (France) • Iceland Sync Music (Iceland) •  IMU/Steam Music Management (Germany) • I’m Not A Machine Music (UK) • Islander Music (Ireland) • Jones & Company Artists Management (Nova Scotia) • Klapp Management (Iceland) • Lemon Zen Music (UK) • Let Me Hear It (UK) • Luup Records (Spain) • Moi Moi Moi Music (UK) • Music Box Publishing (France) • Notedrops Music (Iceland) • Peer Agency (Iceland) • Pink Lizard Music, Ltd. (UK) • Preludio Music Publishing (Italy) • Remote Music Management (Denmark) • Snowflake Music Publishing (Sweden) • Soundmakers Production (Israel) • Superior Music Corporation (US) • Take Off Publishing (France) • Tigerspring Music Publishing (Denmark) • Tribe Music (UK) • Youth Control Music (Finland) • 3rd Planet From The Sun Productions (Japan) • 23rd Precinct Music Publishing (UK) • 66 Music (Australia)

Plutonic Group Syncs :: Representing Great Music WORLDWIDE